About Me

This is my home page, its mostly just a general overview of who I am so I'm keeping it very simple. I work at Microsoft, I'm located in Redmond, Washington and love Seattle. The seafood is amazing, I love the people and its my little place that I call home. I went to University of Miami before working. Told you, nice and simple ;)

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First Blog Post

My First Try!

This is a simple wordpress template that I'm using because I don't really post much about my life on the web and I figure there's plenty of better ways of doing this such as Twitter or Facebook, so why recreate the wheel right? Anyways, I felt I should at least make a solid effort to create a basic webpage so that I can at least tell people I know what I'm doing!

Note: If you're one of my friends, please let me know your homepages or blogs and I can link you from here too. Would be nice to keep everyone connected together so we can read each other's blogs!

That's a Wrap!

That was my huge first blog post, hope you liked it! Thanks for coming to visit, if you need to get a hold of me, email me. Thanks everyone!